Boris Johnson Soccer Aid v Germany (2006)

If you think that BoJo is making a bit of a kerfuffle over his handling of Brexit, then it may come as a surprise that it’s not the first time his handling of a European situation has outraged foreign Nationals. In 2006, BoJo took part in a charity football match called Soccer Aid organised by the singer Robbie Williams, with all proceeds going to the charity UNICEF. With the crowd at Readings Madjeski stadium shouting out “we want Boris”, he ran onto the pitch and then proceeded to do this to Maurizio Gaudino, a former German International player.

Trevor Sinclair vs Barnsley (1997)

Everyone loves to see an overhead kick, but possibly one of the most perfectly executed ones came in an FA Cup 4th Round Match in 1997, when Trevor Sinclair hit this absolute wordly against Barnsley. So good in fact that even the Barnsley fans applauded…

Alan Shearer vs Arsenal (1988)

Whilst Alan Shearer is arguing with Michael Owen about who’s the least boring, some of us remember that he was a pretty decent forward. In fact 283 goals in 559 games for Southampton, Blackburn and Newcastle says he was a VERY decent striker. As does his 30 goals in 63 games for England. However,back at the very start of his career, Shearer made his full debut for Southampton in 1988 against Arsenal and did this…